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To live is to suffer.
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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

"Or are you the man in the cauldron, Diogenes?" ~Bennett Foddy

Diogenes is the mostly silent protagonist of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. His character references the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, a man who would often sleep in a pot in the marketplace of Athens as a protest against Greek society. Similarly, Getting Over It's Diogenes lives with half of his body inside of a black metal cauldron. He wields an oversized orange Yosemite hammer to help him scale the various obstacles up the mountain.


Diogenes appears to be a muscular man with nearly completely shaved brown hair along with a beard. Half of his body remains unseen, due to his lower half being inside of a black cauldron. 


Diogenes is mostly silent throughout the game. However, when it comes to moments of pulling himself up onto ledges with a lot of force, you can often hear him grunting, and time to time you can hear him mutter the word "No" when falling. He has a tendency to look around, typically to where the hammer is pointing but occasionally to certain ledges if the player remains still.

In other media

Diogenes is featured in the Lowe Bros. Studios game Indie Pogo as a playable DLC fighter, and as an assist in the game Fraymakers by McLeodGaming


  • Diogenes is a largely silent character, however he does make grunt sounds throughout the game.
  • Confirmed by Bennett Foddy himself, the hammer Diogenes holds is not a sledgehammer but rather an oversized yosemite hammer
    • Bennett Foddy has also stated that Diogenes wears the pot to protect himself while falling.
  • It is unclear how his legs fit inside the pot, or if he even has legs at all.
  • Paintings of Diogenes of Sinope can be seen in the background of sections of Stage 2, strengthining the connection between Getting Over It's Diogenes and the real life figure.
  • The model used for Diogenes is an Adobe stock asset.
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